2020 GT WORLD CHALLENGE Pack is out now

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Chengelog for V1.6


  • Added 2020 season with all entries, teams and drivers.

Bonus liveries that were previously added in the 2019 season now form part of the new 2020 season.

  • 2020 championship, Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020 and Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 available as DLC.
  • Imola circuit available as DLC.


  • New and improved AI algorithms for racecraft and attack.
  • New skill-dependent AI driving error algorithm.
  • AI: removed throttle lift by low-skill opponents when global AI strength is set to 90 or higher.
  • Adjusted AI lines on several tracks.
  • Increased sensitivity for blue flag trigger if a GT3 is behind a lower-class car.
  • Brands Hatch marshal fix.
  • Misano marshal fix.
  • Nürburgring marshal fix.
  • Lumirank: added yellow colour for Silver class cars.
  • Marshal yellow sectors are now created based on centre position and not the starting point.
  • More accurate sector yellow flag alerts.
  • More sensitive yellow flag trigger for cars with stalled engines or facing the wrong direction, even at speed.


  • DHE tyres available for applicable tyre dimensions for the 2020 GTWCH season.

Provides better feedback and more traction with less overheating. Available when playing 2020 season. Older seasons retain their corresponding BoP and tyre versions!

  • Wet tyre compound tweaks and fine tuning.
  • Revised BoP system (backend) and added support for 2020 season BoP.
  • Added camber limitations for BOP 2020 as per regulations.
  • Global tyre model improvements in realignment forces based on new data.
  • Improvements in the simulation of pressure dependency and its effects on the tyre footprint and related tyre dynamics.
  • Aero yaw simulation improvements.

See our blog post on the official support forum for more detailed information on the above changes/improvements. Old setups might need revision and it is generally recommended to run safer setups.

  • Further improvements to the global weather model and dynamic track.
  • Fixed Porsche 991II GT3 R Laguna Seca wet preset.
  • Improved Ferrari 488 GT3 aero simulation
  • Fixed rear brake pads in the BMW M6 GT3 Monza wet preset.
  • Minor revision of collider meshes for certain cars.
  • Adjustments to brake disc consumption (less).


  • User commands to increase/decrease master audio volume in session (default NUM+/-, remappable).
  • Spotter message added alerting for faster car approaching.
  • Improved spotter message system.
  • New spotter messages for race pre-session countdown.
  • FMod Studio: fixed continuous play/stop events.
  • Thunder sound is now played already when heavy rain is on the forecast.


  • Replay HUD: added results table overlay and button to toggle it. (sector times not available for lap-per-lap breakdown).
  • Special Events page minor styling adjustments.
  • Leaderboard: minor styling adjustment.
  • Revised manufacturer logos for the UI and leaderboards.
  • MFD: checkboxes toggle using left-right UI binding and ignore the enter/forward UI binding.

Freed up the “enter/forward” button for all controllers – so you can bind that to some other driving function as well on the wheel, the pitmenu checkboxes will only toggle with left/right – and in MP the forward/enter button (when pressed on a directinput controller) won’t pop up the chat window (with electronics or pitmenu active).

  • MFD: now always visible even when HUD is hidden (using HUD cycle long press), can be hidden by cycling to empty page or long pressing MFD input.

Now allows driving with MFD only with the HUD hidden, cycling MFD no longer unhides the HUD.

  • Server list: track season tag is now always explicitly shown.
  • Loading screens revised and removed obsolete track status information.
  • Bindable inputs to increase/decrease FFB gain per car in session.
  • Bindable inputs to increase/decrease master audio volume in session.
  • Global UI styling refresh.
  • Fixed mouse scroll function on the TV Session Time overlay.
  • Localization update.
  • Improved delta and predicted laptime accuracy.
  • User setting in the hud.json added to disable automatic MFD page swap on pit entry/exit:

“autoSwitchPitMFD”: true/false


  • Mirror refresh rate settings in Video Options.

Option to set a fixed fps cap, a fixed rate cut based on current fps or “Auto”, which is a dynamic setting.

  • Global performance optimizations.
  • Potential fix for virtual mirror clipping with geometry in some car cockpits.
  • Added stop marker in the regular pitstop animation to help with car positioning.
  • Revised pedal animation system and fixed an issue where the throttle pedal would occasionally remain stuck in pressed position.
  • Optimized secondary animations in replay and spectator mode.
  • Fixed National class sticker visibility.
  • Added Lumirank SAS driver info device showing track/car status.


  • Added FFB per car setting (default keys are NUM8 and NUM2 to increase/decrease, remappable).

Values are stored in a file called “ffbUserSettings.json”, it is a multiplier on the global gain you set in the controls settings.

  • Added gamepad rumble effect type enhanced/legacy options, legacy being the rumble implementation used to date.

Assetto Corsa Competizione version 1.5 and GT4 PACK DLC are OUT on Steam

Changelog V 1.5.0


  • GT4 European Series DLC (2019 season) now available for purchase with:
    Alpine A110 GT4
    Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT4
    Audi R8 LMS GT4
    BMW M4 GT4
    Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R
    Ginetta G55 GT4
    KTM X-Bow GT4
    Maserati Granturismo MC GT4
    McLaren 570S GT4
    Mercedes-AMG GT4
    Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport
  • Official 2019 GT4 European Series liveries and bonus presentation liveries for select models.
  • Additional bonus GT World Challenge Europe 2020 liveries.


  • Added GT4 Season menu (DLC).
  • Added GT4 Sprint Race game mode: 1-hour race duration, mandatory driver swap in pit window, no tyre change or refueling allowed (DLC).
  • Added GT4 2019 championship season and custom championship season (DLC).
  • Fixed a bug where saving the game while the car was facing the wrong way would DQ the player when loading the session.
  • Changed references in the penalty system to allow different track limit thresholds for different car groups in mixed races.
  • Potential fix to the pit exit trigger fail and subsequent issue with pit limiter getting stuck and stint times not restarting properly when the player had the first box.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the lower threshold of the automatic wiper assist.


  • Dash display opacity slider added in View Settings.
  • Short name (abbreviation shown on Lumirank display) now editable in driver UI menu.
  • Car classes marked on RT and leaderboard items on the HUD in mixed races.
  • Class indicator added to Broadcast HUD.
    Broadcast MFD now contains split GT3/GT4 standings in mixed races (long press Insert hides & re-evaluates if race is multiclass or not during the race).
  • Class indicator added to MP timetables.
  • GT4 cars grouped in MP car selection.
  • “Sticky” HUD layer remains visible when hiding HUD via long press.
  • Updated realtime leaderboard widget time gap logic to support mixed classes.
  • Fixed controller navigation for the colour selector in the driver editor page.
  • Fixed a bug with control-hijacking by hidden widgets.
  • Dash widget size now respects low aspect ratio resolutions.
  • Showroom widgets to not consume mouse events while camera is being controlled.
  • Fixed temporary mouse pointer invisibility when intro session is set to skip.
  • Pit rule summary widget added to the garage screen.
  • Server statistics widget added to the garage screen.
  • Driver swap widget added to the garage screen (when applicable).
  • “Drive” button now pulsates on the garage screen during countdown.
  • Updated track map widget and interactive track map widget added to the garage screen.
    Clicking on the markers changes focused car, clicking outside changes marker between position and racing number.
    Indicates cars triggering yellow flag.
    Indicates cars on invalid lap in Qualifying sessions (cyan marker).
    Full track map widget now available on the Broadcast HUD and the Replay HUD.
    HUD track map now has zoomed-in and full map option in HUD settings.
  • Added track map HUD page (cycle F2) as a secondary broadcast page with focus on track map.
  • Fix to only one car model being available for custom cars after adding the first one.
  • Server name is now shown for saved replays.
  • Fixed weather widget timing out on Broadcast HUD.
  • Weather forecast now shows current weather.
  • Weather forecast rainfall icons now show indication of increasing/decreasing rainfall (+/-) when both forecast stages prompt the same icon.
  • Fixed missing mouse pointer with Cinema HUD open.
  • Fixed erroneously exposed tyre set selector for wet tyres when switching between compounds and when loading a setup after session transition.
  • Fixed an issue with the setup strategy selector that would jump to the end of the list of strategies after session transition.


  • Change in the management of controller devices, to use instance IDs instead of on product ID.
    Allows the use of multiple instances of the same controller device model, such as button boxes.
  • Fixed Frequency setting not loading correctly after being set in the UI.
  • Disconnected devices will no longer be deleted from controls.json but will be marked as disconnected (red-coloured device name in configuration screen).
  • Controls configuration can now be reloaded to detect re-connected devices without need to restart the game.
    Refresh/reload and undo buttons added to the controls page.
  • Default keyboard binding for “downshift” reassigned to “X” in order to avoid clash with basic Windows function hotkeys.
  • Fixed FFB controller order dependency, now the steering device automatically gets FFB assigned.
    Potential fix to lack of FFB for certain devices upon first install or control settings reset.
  • Controller presets for Simucube and Simucube 2 wheel bases.
  • Added new rumble effects and adjusted existing ones for XInput gamepads.


  • Server: added server-side car group restrictions: GT3, ST, Cup, GT4, FreeForAll.
  • Client: server car group displayed in server list.
    MP car selection page automatically pre-selects car based on eligibility.
    NOTE: DLC ownership is not required to join mixed-class servers and see opponent cars.
  • Quickjoin always respects the car group that is currently selected.
  • CP servers are in Mixed mode, and use the Primary car.
  • Client: server list now will not refresh upon returning from car selection/advanced menu.
  • Client: fixed an issue with failed race starts when clients entering an invalid state would not be re-evaluated as valid even after regaining position.
  • Client: fixed a crash that would occur when the client joined during the start of the formation phase.
  • Client: fixed an issue where clients joining during the preparation/countdown phase would be sent up to the top of the grid by the formation widget and erroneously start from pole.
  • Client: fixed a potential client crash when using maximum tyre set rule in driver swap scenarios.
  • Client: fixed unreliable grain/blister/flatspot data transfer in swap scenarios when reusing old tyresets while also swapping driver.
  • Server: client reject during post-qualifying phase now made global to prevent erroneous spawning.
    In an open-race server, clients may still join after the post-qualifying phase, either during the race countdown phase, during the formation lap or after the race start.
  • Server: fixed a rare server issue that would skip to the end of the race session when all clients entered into an invalid state at the same time during the formation phase.
  • Server: added “isLockedPrepPhase” setting (settings.json) to prevent clients who did not take part in qualifying from joining during the preparation/countdown phase.
  • CP: fixed client rejection with “server full” message with successful registration.


  • Fixed tyre pressure reset on used tyres when pitting without tyre change.
  • Motec control channels frequency upped to 60Hz.
  • Fixed Motec bad offset when comparing laptimes
  • Kerb, slip, G-force and ABS vibrations added to physics API.
  • EBB (active electronic brake bias) feature activated and implemented.
  • Torque vectoring differential activated and implemented.
  • Pirelli DH and DW tyre model implementation, all dimensions required and used for GT4 European Series cars.
  • Updated and improved implementation of caster physics (also affects visual appearance).
  • Porsche 991II GT3 Cup tyre model update and fine-tuning.
  • Porsche 991II GT3 Cup update on spring rates and bumpstops as per endurance homologation


  • Sparks performance optimization and probability filtering tweaks.
  • Backfire performance optimization.
  • Optimization of light emitters at Nurburgring to help reduce stutters.
  • Fixed car dirt visuals getting reset after certain periods in Multiplayer sessions.


  • Tweaked curbs and astroturf volume in onboard cameras.
  • Better organization in sample reference structure.
  • Better audio feedback for brake temperature and wear level.
  • General fine-tuning.

SRO E-Sport GT Series – Charity Event

SRO E-Sports GT Series, Kunos Simulazioni and Ak Informatica to stage two-hour Assetto Corsa Competizione race at Monza Real-world and sim drivers set for online battle at legendary Italian trackFive wildcard entries available through public hot-lap contestEvent to raise money for COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

SRO E-Sports GT Series, Kunos Simulazioni and Ak Informatica will join forces to organise a two-hour Assetto Corsa Competizione race at Monza next weekend (29 March), uniting real-world and sim drivers while raising money for charity. 

The Italian circuit was set to open the 2020 GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS season prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic and will now provide a fitting stage for the online contest. Scheduled to run at 14.00 CET on Sunday, the event will feature 40 drivers racing Assetto Corsa Competizione, the official game of SRO Motorsports Group.

Real-world racers, celebrities and professional sim drivers will be invited to take part, while the event will also feature five wildcard entries chosen through a public hot-lap contest. This will be open from 23 to 26 March, with the five fastest drivers earning an invite to race. 

All competitors will be asked to make a minimum €15 donation to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, which supports the World Health Organization and its partners in their response to the ongoing pandemic.

Global fan engagement will be an integral part of the event, which will be live streamed on the GT World YouTube page and across social media, including the new SRO Motorsports Group Twitch channel. Fans can also join the conversation on Twitter as the GT World Challenge Europe account keeps track of the action from start to finish. 

Registration begins on Monday 23 March, while the free practice server opens on Friday 28 March. Sunday will begin with free practice at 10.00 CET and qualifying at 13:15 CET, before the main race goes green at 14.00 CET. 


Practical information

  • Monday, March 23rd: Registration open 09:00  –
  • March 23rd-26th: Public qualifying
  • Saturday, March 28th: Free Practice Server open
  • Sunday, March 29th: Live Event
    • Free Practice: 10:00 – 13:00 CET
    • Qualifying: 13:15 – 13:45 CET
    • Race: 14:00-16:00 CET

ACC Console Version announced!

ACC Console Pre-Order includes the Intercontinental GT Pack DLC with no additional costs. The DLC will be available during Summer 2020 for non-pre orderers

The Official GT World Challenge Game Debuts on Consoles June 23

Rome – March 11–  Global publisher 505 Games and Kunos Simulazioni will bring the ultimate racing simulation game Assetto Corsa Competizione to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One  consoles on Tuesday, June 23, available both digitally and at physical retail for 39.99$/39.99€/£34.99. Players who pre-order Assetto Corsa Competizione for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will receive free access to the recently released Intercontinental GT Pack DLC, which expands the Assetto Corsa Competizione experience to include the official Intercontinental GT Challenge Powered by Pirelli competition.  Players who opt out of pre-ordering Assetto Corsa Competizione can still purchase the Intercontinental GT Pack DLC for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this summer for 14.99$14,99/£12.49.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is an extraordinary racing simulation game allowing players to experience the real atmosphere of the GT3 championship, competing against official drivers, teams, cars and circuits reproduced in-game with the highest level of accuracy ever achieved. Sprint, Endurance and Spa 24 Hours races come to life with an incredible level of realism, in both single and multiplayer modes. Born from KUNOS Simulazioni’s long-term experience, this racing simulator takes full advantage of Unreal Engine 4 to ensure photorealistic weather conditions and graphics, night races, motion capture animations, reaching a new standard in terms of driving realism and immersion, thanks to its further improved tyre and aerodynamic models.

The Intercontinental GT Pack DLC for Assetto Corsa Competizione introduces four iconic international circuits from four different continents – Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit (South Africa), Suzuka Circuit (Japan), Weathertech®️ Raceway Laguna Seca (United States) and Mount Panorama Circuit (New South Wales Australia). Players owning these tracks will extend the GT Series to the Intercontinental GT Challenge by Pirelli, providing a challenging driving experience using an exclusive layout finely reproduced with Laserscan®️ technology, allowing for extreme track reproduction precision and detail. The Intercontinental GT Pack DLC also adds more than 45 new car liveries, 30 new teams and 50 new drivers along with all-new game modes from the real-life Intercontinental GT Challenge powered by Pirelli.

The launch of Assetto Corsa Competizione on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is part of a full plan that will cover both PC and console instalments of the game:

  • This April, the free Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.4 update for PC Steam will introduce new features – including the car showroom, new driver/car personalization choices and additional options for multiplayer servers – and lots of improvements of the game features, UI and algorithms.
  • The GT4 Pack paid DLC, adding +10 new GT4 cars, will be available this summer on PC Steam, and this fall on consoles.
  • The British Pack paid DLC, offering 3 new iconic circuits that complete the 7-race calendar of the British GT Championship, will be available this winter for both PC Steam and consoles.

Competizione is the finest expression of the Assetto Corsa brand, aiming to be known as a synonym of realism” said Marco Massarutto, Co-Founder, Executive & Licensing Manager of KUNOS Simulazioni. “Console players have shown their high appreciation towards our approach to racing simulations, so we are certain they will appreciate our efforts to bringing also to their favourite platforms the experience, accuracy and depth that Assetto Corsa Competizione has to offer on PC“.

Assetto Corsa Competizione will be available on Tuesday, June 23 and is priced at 39.99$/39.99€/£34.99;pre-orders at physical retail will open in all starting today, while digital preorders will start later on.  Additional local offers and/or discounts may apply.

The game will be published by Oizumi Amuzio in Japan, and Digital Touch will be the publishing partner for Korea.

More info at; follow us also on Twitter & Facebook.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Update 1.2 is out on Steam!

  • New Custom Livery Editor: Select “Add” in the car selection page and start to create!
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Support for compatible monitors, activation in Video Settings Menu
  • Vehicle Chassis Flex Simulation now introduced and affecting car behaviour
  • Brake Wear introduced and affecting handling in long-distance races
  • Tyre Model Improvements
  • AI Improvements
  • Custom Video Settings Save Slots
  • VR Video Presets
  • Multiplayer: increased slots for private servers for Spa, Monza and Paul Ricard
  • Multiplayer: Custom BoP for private servers
  • Safety Rating improved – driver’s rating will generally improve for fair drivers
  • CP (Competition) Server now run in booking mode, offering 3 races per day. Make sure to collect your track medals and sign up today! Opening tomorrow at 18:00 CEST

You can now restart your Steam client and download ACC v1.2 and find the final changelog here under:


  • AI performance optimizations.
  • Fix for track shown at nighttime for a split second when loading into any session.
  • Fixed double saving of temporary replays with multithreading enabled.
  • Fixed issues with shared memory status.


  • Added car customization. Pick and customize the design of your personal car.
    NOTE: custom cars can be used in Quick Race, Custom Race Weekend and Multiplayer game modes.
    Disclaimer: customization possibilities may vary on a per car basis due to licensing restrictions.
    We will continue to add customizeable livery templates in future updates.
  • Added single-make option to Quick Race and Custom Race Weekend game modes.
    Possibility to use official liveries and custom-liveried grids.
    NOTE: single-make race with official liveries requires an official car to be selected.
  • AI update to avoid divebombing in slow chicanes.
  • Porsche AI tweaks to mitigate their tendency to dominate sessions.
  • AI now use aggressive setup at high levels.
  • AI cars will not enter the pits because of weather or damage if less than 5 minutes are remaining in a session.
  • Fixed AI aggression setting not producing expected behaviour.
  • General AI behaviour and movement improvements.
    NOTE: different aggro levels should result in a bigger difference now.
  • Engine now shuts down at the end of the pit stop if the player restarts it during the pitstop as a counter-exploit measure.
  • Session days are now set up as in real life in championship events.
  • Fixed replay time multiplier resetting on highlights switching.
  • Automatic highlights now spread across the entire race duration more consistently.
  • Fixed marshal flags during single player replay.
  • Fixed potentially wrong car setup values in saved games.
  • Increased maximum number of highlights (20->30).
  • Penalty system changed back to pre-pitlane decision.
    NOTE: serving a penalty must be checked in the MFD before entering the pitlane. Serving any pending penalty is always auto-selected by default.
  • Driver stint does not reset when serving a penalty – if “serve penalty” is selected before entering the pitlane.
  • End of race in Quick Race does not require the opponents to complete the race – race finish is declared when the player presses ESC to return to the garage after crossing the line.
    NOTE: to see the complete results, the player must stay on track until all opponents cross the finish line. Other game modes are unaffected.
  • Added tyre sets option to Custom Race Weekend (as well as Custom Championship rounds).
  • Fixed some bugs with penalty procedure and saved games.
  • Fixed Racelogic=digital display time during replay (better with new replays).
  • Optimized replay tyre matrix memory occupation, changed replay version (backwards compatible).
  • Fixed replay maximum time.
  • Added 1 hour and 15 minutes to maximum time in replay options.
  • Added auto highlights replay only for the player car and added its menu item, tweaked highlights length.
  • Removed time-based replacement of highlights and added an overtake highlight replacement system based on position.
  • Fixed saving/loading auto save replay options.
  • Avoid camera spline movements during paused replay.
  • Longer pre-action time for accident/overtake highlights.
  • Fixed pit alarm sound during slow-mo/paused/sped-up replays.
  • Kevin Siggy Rebernak, winner of the McLaren Shadow Grand Final, added as a selectable Mclaren Shadow driver.
  • Added pit exit blue flag for all types of sessions.
  • Driver stint max total time is no longer based on race event but on race length divided by driver count across relevant game modes.
  • Added black-orange flag for the player car for heavy suspension damage.
    NOTE: also shown for lights damage (during the night and sessions that are declared wet where lights are a requirement).
  • Penalty system for black-orange flags (damage and lights off).
    The player has 3 laps to pit for repair or turn on lights when the flag is shown, ignoring the flag will result in a DQ.
  • Fixed incorrect FOV used by some TV Cams from the 2nd activation.
  • Pitlane open is triggered when the leader completes sector 1 after a race start.


  • New feature: added Customization interface in the car showroom.
  • Completely reworked car selection interface.
  • Car selection restrictions removed from single-car (Practice, Hotlap, Hotstint, Superpole) game modes.
    Each livery variant is now selectable in these game modes without restriction.
  • Team and driver nationality added to car selection page.
  • Showroom now allows you to turn on the lights and open the doors.
  • Team/competitor dual information shown in car selection when relevant.
  • Added driver bio on the car selection page. Click on driver avatar in the car selection page to show popup.
  • Fixed lack of interactivity in the career showroom.
  • Added “Official” filter to the car selection page to show only official car entries.
  • Various navigation-related fixes in the user interface.
  • Added chat message popup visibility option in the HUD settings page.
  • Added highlights info and support for the HUD.
  • MFD hides pit stop strategy items when “serve penalty” is selected. See penalty-related changes in the GAMEPLAY section.
  • Various fixes for highlights HUD info.
  • Various fixes for realtime leaderboard.
  • Class filters added to race results and time/points tables.
  • Fixed realtime leaderboard positions in non-race sessions.
  • Added support for highlights camera override toggle button.
  • HUD: server BoP shown in the timetables. See MULTIPLAYER section for more information.
  • HUD: opponent ping indicator added to realtime/standings MFD.
  • Team points table enabled in Championship mode.
    As per real-life rules, only the highest-finishing team entry scores points for the team.
  • Added pulse animation to the search bar in the lobby page for easy recognition.
  • Fixed tyre sets button not clickable with the mouse.
  • Added brake change options to the MFD. See PHYSICS section for more information.
  • Added brake pad wear indicator inside the Tyre widget.
  • Time delta is no longer shown during the first 2 laps of a race to avoid data flickering.
  • Finished cars are now marked with a checkered flag in real-time on the timetables and standings widgets.
  • Virtual mirror is forced to hide in replays.
  • Video Options: ability to save and load different Custom Video Presets.
    Save and load multiple custom video presets for different display setups and racing scenarios.
  • Revised Setup load/save function with overwrite warning warning.
  • Added HDR exposure and HDR contrast to ingame View Settings. When HDR is enabled, they replace the regular exposure and contrast settings in the Video Options in the UI.
    The options in the View Settings are enabled in HDR mode only and vice versa:
    HDR enabled: the settings in the ingame View Settings are used.
    HDR disabled: the ones in Video Options are used (saveable with custom video presets).
  • Added messages about replay saving operations and fixed replay saving for the first minute.
  • Updated texts and localization.


  • Added VR world scale slider to Video Options.
    NOTE: lower values increase the world scale, higher values decrease it.
    Correct 1:1 scale to real life depends on the headset type.
  • Now possible to set resolution scale to <100 while increasing VR Pixel Density to render at a lower resolution to gain performance and upscale later to improve quality (for example resScale=70 and vrPixelDensity=150).
  • Minimum resolution scale set to 50 (was 70).
  • VR pixel density steps set to 5 (was 10).
  • Added specific video presets for VR.


  • Added missing unique Spa 24H liveries for the 2019 GT World Challenge season.
  • Ferrari secondary display now has multiple pages to show various stint timers.
  • Adjusted stance of the Jaguar G3 in the showroom.
  • Pit animation now only shows the lollypop man when serving a Stop&Go penalty.
  • No pitcrew is shown when serving a Drive-Through penalty.
  • Fixed wrong numberplate layout displayed in MP car selection.
  • Fixed shift animations not working with keyboard controls.
  • Numberplates and season outfits now work correctly and as intended both in showroom and on-track.
  • Zandvoort checkered flag marshal added.
  • Visual car dirt now (slowly) accumulates even when driving on on-track surfaces.
  • Visual car dirt and dust now accumulates faster in wet conditions.
  • Improved LOD switching of wheels, fixed LOD rims not being affected by customization.
  • Enabled HDR output in the video settings.
    New additions to the video options include:
  • Shadow Distance: changes the distance of the more detailed sunlight shadows to trade quality for performance.
  • Tone Mapping: selects the new filmic tonemapper (ACES) or the legacy one (Default – used in the previous releases).
    The filmic tonemapper gives a cinematic look more similar to the one used for HDR output.
  • HDR Color Gamut: selects between REC2020 (standard color gamut for HDR) and DCI-P3 (closer to current HDR displays, colors are more saturated).
  • Added support for HDR screenshots (EXR file format) when HDR output is enabled.
    NOTE: the Steam screenshot function does not work with HDR screenshots due to incompatibility.
  • Forced 100% LOD Scale in TV cameras (F3 and F6): these cameras now ignore the UI setting. F1 and F7 cameras continue to read the UI setting.
  • Fixed mirrors showing the last frame when switched off during gameplay (also fixed mirrors showing the last frame when going back to the showroom from a session).
  • Custom player teamwear is now showing up correctly in SP and MP sessions.
  • Visual damage buildup adjustments.
  • Added damage impact effect to the car’s bodywork.


  • Top TC level for storm conditions for all cars.
  • Silverstone and Nurburgring 2019 BOP tweak for the Mclaren 720S GT3.
  • Tweaks on the front splitter of the Porsche 991II GT3 R.
  • Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Spa wet preset tweaks (both non-evo and Evo).
  • Rain puddle tweaks.
  • Fixed rear wing last value Porsche 991II GT3 R.
  • New wet tyres model: less adhession grip, slower laptimes, better control in sliding situations.
  • Aerodynamics – vertical fin calculation improvements.
  • Aerodynamics – slipstream tweaks and larger turbolence area, can cause slight lateral movements if you follow a car from very near side and behind
  • Chassis flex implementation:
    Chassis flex is more of a qualitative than quantitative influence. You will notice the car handling kerbs quite better, accepting more steering input when sliding and more willingness to react on your inputs at the limit. At the same time, handling will be a bit less precise and might force you to work harder to be precise with your line, or correct your line during a turn.
    Chassis flex also influences setup changes. Cars with more flex (softer chassis) usually need softer springs and better damping. Cars with less chassis flex (rigid chassis) can handle stiffer springs and be more precise, but might suffer at lower speeds and mechanical grip on bumps and kerbs.
  • Altitude simulation for all tracks. Higher altitude means less air density resulting in lower engine performance, less downforce but also less drag. The heating model of tyres and brakes is also slightly influenced. Laptimes on some circuits might be a bit lower (i.e. Spa)
  • Tyre model: tweaks and fine tuning offer more predictable grip over the limit for both slicks and more importantly wet tyres.
  • Brake pads and discs wear implementation and different brake pads choice:
    Brake pads and brake discs wear is relative to the brake pad choice, temperatures, driving style, ABS and brake bias usage. Brake disc and pad wear is shown at the end of each driving session, when you return to your strategy setup UI on the “last readings” box.
    Normally brake discs should last more than 24 hours race, but because there is no pitstop time penalty (all teams are obliged to at least one fixed time long pitstop so that they can change brakes), all teams prefer to change discs and pads at least one time during long endurance races.
    There are 3 different brake pads available to choose from, each with its own characteristics and different brake pads front and rear are permitted.
    — Pad 1: Very aggressive friction coefficient, max braking performance, aggressive disc and pad wear. Pedal modulation can be tricky if out of temperature or as it wears down. Use in hotlap and qualifying sessions, sprint races and can withstand 3 hours races. Risky and dangerous to use over 3 or 4 hours because the pads will wear down, overheat and lose linearity in brake pedal.
    — Pad2: Very Good friction coefficient, very good braking performance, good disc and pad wear. Pedal modulation almost always good and linear, good feedback while overheating and gradual wear. Can be used in hotlap and qualifying sessions as well as sprnt races as what it loses in performance, regains in braking modulation and predictability. Excellent choice for long endurance races, easily makes 12 hours and can make 24 hours race too with a bit of care. Will also overheat and lose linearity in brake pedal feel when worn out, but in a more predictable way and after much longer stints.
    — Pad3: Moderate friction coefficient, braking zones can be longer in dry, very moderate disc and pad wear. Excellent pedal modulation also in cold ambient conditions, very linear pedal feedback. Excellent choice for wet conditions and very long endurance races. Very predictable and easy to modulate brake pad.
    — Pad 4, extreme aggressive fiction coefficient. Max braking performance, extremely aggressive disc and pad wear, bad cold performance. This is a sprint race pad that can last about an hour but will show worse pedal feel, worse performance and overheating towards the end of the one hour stint. Those kinds of pads are not used in endurance racing, but included for demonstration purposes.
  • Fixed Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3 excessive engine damage.
  • Bentley Continental GT3 2018 performance tweaks
  • Fixed FFB damper not stopping during game pause.
  • Fixed an error that could cause wrong relative impact speeds for collisions.
  • Reworked damage system with accumulative damage resulting from impacts of various intensity.
    A significant improvement over the old system that always required a larger impact per damage zone to produce more damage.
    Repetitive impacts now have a much more substantial effect on the car’s condition and the car is much less tolerant versus repetitive hits.
    All cars have tweaks and fine tuned damage values (physics) but be careful as the damage can easily accumulate and repetitive small hits can result in severe damage in the end. Also introducing damage threshold to allow (reasonable) paint trading without affecting car behaviour.
  • Low-speed aero damage now produces less negative effect on drag.
  • Reduced front-rear damage detection cone.


  • Fixed doppler fluctuation for external engine sound.
  • Added tyre brake wear audio.
  • Optimized audio channels used for wheel in external/opponent sounds.
  • Fixed audio options not applied on start level.
  • Reworked spotter damage messages (smarter and based on cumulative damage).


  • Competition Servers are now running in a schedule, offering up to 3 races per day with variations. Read more in the dedicated forum post:
  • The region assignment for CP servers is technically different now, potentially fixing the “No servers in your region” error.
  • The CP rating buildup is working in a more logical way now, which could cause to reset CP ratings to zero or lower values for some users. This will automatically wash out after a few CP races.
  • Significantly improved CPU load with opponent count with certain (most) types of CPU. This is not necessarily affecting FPS, but dramatically increases the number of cars we can run before the 99% CPU occupancy warning.
  • Significantly improved collision calculation efficiency, causing to scale CPU load a lot better (with all CPUs) on the physics thread.
  • Enabled multiple-pit-assignments for private servers, resulting in higher grid counts for certain tracks. At the moment Monza and Paul Ricard support 60 cars on the grid this way.
  • Fixed netcode warping for higher speeds (for certain server operating systems).
  • Fixed volatile and too high ping measurement (for certain server operating systems).
  • Further netcode improvements that increase the accuracy for cars on straights. This will make cars reliably drive with almost perfect distance, except one of both overtaxes in the player’s bandwidth upload (ie by livestreaming).
  • Added additional (=custom) BoP for private MP servers: Server admins can now assign and set up additional ballast and intake restrictors.
    NOTE: read the extended notes on the forum:
  • Session-over result screen in MP now correctly switches the table between current standing (like 2nd MFD panel) during overtime and the final race results (including disconnected drivers) after the session has ended for all cars.
  • Fixed MP car despawn issue in the highlights (and in some cases in the normal replay).
  • Fixed replay world time affecting real time in MP (animations).
  • Fixed potentially wrong bodykit loaded in MP.
  • Servers will now log their current configuration (as it is actually understood by the server) to the “cfg/current” folder; this is helpful for troubleshooting.
  • Short formation laps will now always start in “Double file”, indepentently of the actual trigger position.
  • Fixed a client crash when the selected customized “carX.json” file was physically removed.
  • Improved the lead car detection during the formation lap.
  • Fixed pit limiter effectively turning off after a driver swap.
  • Improved the message the player receives when trying to join a server with the wrong car model (both entry list with forced car model, and CP servers with unknown tracks).


  • SA rating will apply a Trust Bonus for finished races, dependent on the race length.
  • SA rating will not assign points to certain situations where the other car is clearly at fault.
  • Added more “outcome” scenarios for accidents, to be able to improve the understanding of “nothing happened” in SA considerations.
  • Rebalancing of Singleplayer SA values to balance the massively clean AI in 1.2.
  • Fixed a timing issue which could make the contact bag inefficient in some situations.
  • Overall, SA will be more tolerant and precise, resulting in becoming slightly easier again.
  • (Significant) wall contacts now will act like off-track; resetting track medal progress, invalidating laptimes and cause race penalties if the car gained time.
  • (Significant) wall contacts are now considered a root contact like mass accidents, so a second car hit by a car bouncing off a wall would not receive SA penalties.
    NOTE: read the extended notes on the forum:
  • Fixed an issue where Laptime records would be recorded with incorrect times (caused by race starts after the s/f line).

Assetto Corsa Competizione Update 1.0.9 is out!

1.0.9 – ForceFeedbackIntervalSteps now defaults to the highest frequency rate (0) when generated.

NOTE: if you already have the value in your controls.json, delete the line or the entire .json for the line to regenerate with the correct value or change the value manually to 0.

– Wheel controller is now polled at 333Hz.

– AI “take space” behaviour is now less aggressive, requests less distance from the car in front, reacts less abruptly and guarantees higher minimum speed.

– Fixed incorrect driver stint times in Championship Endurance races.

– Potential fix to startup crash due to failed screen detection.

Assetto Corsa Competizione V 1.0.8 is out now on Steam

– Fixed “Skip Intro Sequence” setting not working.
– Added driverStintTimeLeft and driverStintTotalTimeLeft to sharedMemory.
– Added rainTyres flag to shared memory and digital displays.
– Fixed sessions in shared memory, added session index.
– Fixed current lap time in shared memory, added deltaLapTime and estimatedLapTime.
– Fixed bug with fuelUsed value in shared memory.
– Fixed tripDistance in shared memory.
NOTE: more documentation on shared memory data is available in the following link:
– Replay version is changed.
– Fixed MOTEC venue name bug.
– Exposed forceFeedbackIntervalSteps in the controls.json in documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/Config to increase Force Feedback frequency (0= 333Hz 1=222Hz 2=111Hz, default is 2).
NOTE: high-end wheels will benefit from using a higher frequency, but older wheels should keep setting “2” for compatibility.

– AI now observes blue flags vs. player and other AI cars.
– Fixed inconsistent and wrong Career preset values (notably extra long Qualifying sessions in Endurance races when playing in “Long” mode).
– Practice sessions are now globally limited to 60 minutes.
– Added pitlane open/closed logic to stop the AI from entering the pits in the first lap in mixed weather conditions.
NOTE: the pitlane now opens when the leader completes the 1st lap. If the player pits before the pitlane is open, there will be no pit crew ready.
– Championship code structure reviewed.
NOTE: polesitters are going to take 1 point.
– Possible fix for AI late pit-exit limiter deactivation at Monza.
– Added cutting warnings in Savegame.
– Added session fuel consumption to Savegame.
– Fixed superfluous RaceComm messages when loading a Savegame.
– Fixed AI running faster for a few minutes after loading a Savegame.
NOTE: these fixes will require new game saves to function correctly. Loading older saves will still lack the correct data.
– Fixed various crashes that could occur when exiting the replay.
– Added automatic driver swap in the MFD when pitting.
NOTE: in Sprint races, the MFD will automatically jump to the next driver when entering the pits, and driver swap will be blanked out outside of the pit window.
– Fixed a bug with ghost car after returning to pit.
– Fixed Helicam remaining enabled on session change.
– Fixed Silverstone full formation lap bug with AI.
– Reduced yellow flag relative speed threshold.
– Fix for a bug with the Ferrari after a garage teleport, where the car would continue a lap down due to a respawn glitch.
– Fixed fuel time calculation for pitstops based on how much fuel the car already has – previously the refuel time in free refuel mode depended on refuel amount, regardless of how much fuel the car already had.
– Fixed pitlane entry message for AI (and better pitlane entry for Barcelona).
– Fixed wrong assists applied when returning from special modes, such as Career.
– Increased session overtime in Career events from 2 mins to 3 mins.
– Fixed different professionalism bonus texts in the Career.
– Completely reworked Custom Championship architecture.
– Fixed Custom Championship entry generation.
– Fixed qualifying rule based on number of races in Custom Race Weekend mode.
– AI flash lights when lapping.
– New system for safer car location state.
– AI now slow down to get space in qualifying.
– AI now uses current delta time to aid in the decision to abort a qualify lap to take space.
– Fixed potential crashes during reverse replay.
– Updated and fixed pit triggers for all tracks.
– Fixed possible wrong states on consecutive replays of restarted sessions.
– Fixed yellow flag warning during podium sequence.
– Fix for Savegame gamemode that was saving a different value after a different game load.

– Fixed potential crash with audio comms disabled.
– Tweaked audio behavior for external sound fading (to fix inconsistent audio in F3/F7 cameras).
– Fixed gear compressor timing for the Porsche 991II GT3 Cup.
– Added basic car spotter
– Added new audio warnings for flags
– Added new audio messages for stint ending and stint over

– Fix for the reset view (Ctrl+Space) not working with menus and HUD layers when using the HTC Vive (Steam VR plugin).
– Enabled trackIR in freecam (F7) and chasecam (F1) views.
– Fixed inverted axis in TrackIR.

– Fixed showroom being zoomed on triple-screen resolutions.
NOTE: the new FOV is applied after a game restart.
– Added Stats page to the Driver profile UI.
– Added the possibility to enable the spotter in the Audio options.
– Fixed tyre set selector issues in the pitstop strategy section of the Setup/MFD.
– Game Mode helper texts revised in the UI.
– Stabilized realtime leaderboard in the starting phase of the race.
– MFD: certain elements now allow continuous increase/decrease on button down (fuel, tyre pressures, brake bias).
– Fixed a condition when the MFD weather forecast wouldn’t update.
– MFD: driver selector is now locked in pit window modes once the player has completed the mandatory stop.
– Fixed leaderboard race number on points table page.
– Added nationality on leaderboard page / points table.
– Fixed selectors on leaderboard page.
– Added personal best laptimes to loading screens and Singleplayer Circuit Info.
– Fixed and tweaked multiple Custom Race Weekend and Custom Championship options in the UI.
– Added driver stint rule message on the pitstop MFD page.
– Fixed fuel test slider inconsistencies.
– Updated Rating Profile Help texts.
– Removed replay button visibility without recorded time.
– Added penalty indicator to HUD standings and realtime track position widget (also affects pitmenu standings and broadcast HUD).
– Numerous text description and navigation-related corrections all across the UI.
– More obvious indication on the HUD when the driver stint goes into overtime.

– More effective advanced sharpen filter in video settings.
– Fixed polystyrene distance markers inverted in Brands Hatch.
– Fixed various visual bugs on the Hungaroring and Brands Hatch.
– Fixed graphical LOD issue on the Porsche Cup.
– Various graphical updates on the Audi R8 LMS.
– Added driverStintTimeLeft and driverStintTotalTimeLeft pages to the Racelogic display.
– Racelogic pages rearranged (laptime, delta, stint driven, stint time left, total driving time left). Default key to cycle is ALT+D.
– Tweaked RPM lights layout for the Bentley Continental GT3 2018.
– Fixed a bug with ligth cones when opponents visibility was used (focused car had front lights off after changing car with Shift+Arrows).
– More consistent placeholder values on dash displays.

– Wet asphalt water film depth now influences aerodynamics.
NOTE: you might need to raise your ride height up to 4-5mm to regain the same splitter and diffuser balance and performance on a wet track.
– General UI setup and MFD tyre pressure logic refactoring. No more automagic for ambient pressures.
Whatever the ambient temperature, the slicks are now preheated at 70°C and you can input the pressure you want for that preheated temperature.
Preset setups are already adjusted. Old saved setups will start with very low pressures and you generally need to add 4 to 5 psi extra.
Simply put a tyre pressure you desire, usually 2psi less than the hot pressure you want, and go.
– Minimum tyre pressures now at 20.3psi, as per Pirelli document request. Pay attention as the pressure can get lower than that when the tyres get cold without blankets while waiting at the grid start and can easily deflate on kerbs.
– Fixed MFD pitstops screen tyre pressures.
– All cars updated preset setups with new tyre pressures.
– Improved flat tyres grip, you should now be able to return to pits with a flat tyre.
– Fixed high fuel consumption under pit limiter.
– Fixed engine consumption in idle.
– Tyre blankets for slick tyres now at 70°C.
– Optimum tyre pressure tweaks.
– Fixed ignition on by default with manual engine start in certain cars.
– Fixed motion data stopping in the middle of the cooldown lap.
– Fixed incorrect AI tyre pressures after a pitstop.
– Honda NSX GT3 fuel consumption tweaks.
– Mclaren 650S GT3 improved TC logic.
– Fixes in Lexus RC F GT3 fast damper preset setup.
– New aggressive Barcelona preset setup for Audi R8 LMS, Mercedes-AMG GT3, Lamborghini Huracán GT3, Bentley Continental GT3 2018, Porsche 991 GT3-R, Ferrari 488 GT3.

– Increased the minimum pre-race time to 80s for public MP, decreased to min 5s for private MP.
– Small improvement to the MP formation lap, preventing the ability to outrun the leader with good timing.
– Servers won’t spam “late” warnings for event resets.
– Fixed ghostcar (disconnected car) during MP replay.
– RC Rating was rewritten and now works again both in SP and MP.
– RC will start at 0 while the old Elo value is still remembered.
– Numerous SA Rating improvements. Most changes raise the requirements to gain Trust, so global SA ratings are expected to drop a few points.
– Fixed a bug where lifting on straights would generate Trust.
– SA and RC will change at a slower rate for low AI strength (< 90%), while the balance between Trust and OBWP is untouched.
– Fixed FP2 and Q2 not displayed in server list.
– Enabled collision bag for both MP and SP. SA penalties should only be applied to cars that are “root” contacts, no OBWPs for being caught in a mass accident.
– Fixed replay auto save in MP when the weekend changes.
– Server passwords are now stored.
– Increased low-latency (LAN servers) ping accuracy, possibly removing jittering. The effects will also improve regular Multiplayer netcode prediction, but won’t be as significant.
– Added DT, 5s, 15s penalties as admin commands.
– The driver swap info widget is now more compact.
– Numerous fixes to driver swaps situations.
– Team names are now visible in MP.
– Netcode preparation for new pitstop rules, preview instructions will be added in the forum.
– Server weather configuration now has more weight on the cloud level, configuring high cloud levels drastically improve the chances of rain (when dynamic weather is used).
– Server weather configuration now uses rain level as a chance for a completely rainy weekend (when dynamic weather is used). Server admins can use both weatherRandomness and rain level to achieve different types of random rain experience.
– Enabled the collection of new driver statistics.
– Possible fix for MFD crash in MP when changing pit strategy after a driver swap.

Assetto Corsa Competizione – Hotfix 0.7.2 is out now on Steam!

Changelog 0.7.2

– Fixed qualifying rule bug in Custom Race Weekend when the number of race sessions set were fewer than the number of qualifying sessions.
– Fix for cut warnings used in non-race sessions.
– Improved AI behavior under braking in traffic.
– Added AI reaction time at race start.
– Cars lapping the focused car now indicated red on the real-time display.
– More consistent real-time display.
– Fixed controls lock issue after a race restart.
– Enabled refueling in Multiplayer pitstops.
– Fixed potential freeze/crash in Multiplayer.
– In Multiplayer, players who are late to press “Drive” before the formation lap will be sent to pitlane with controls locked.
– Fixed mandatory pit calculation for AI if Driver Stint pitstop mode is selected.
– More reliable blue flag triggers.
– On race-end, the real-time display now shows the official finish position.
– Fixed track getting dry too quickly when rain goes down in small increments.
– Disabled “Remove fastest lap” penalty from practice and qualifying.
– Fixed MFD taking mouse focus away from the Pause menu.
– Possible fix for missing Force Feedback in VR mode.
– Fix to a bug that switched the F3 camera set when switching cars (both in replay and in game using shift+arrows).
– Improved manual and automatic clutch issues and functionality.
– Fixed VR navigation in the Multiplayer lobby page.
– Navigation is now possible in the MFD in VR mode.
– Fixed a bug in dynamic weather that removed the starting rain from the Light Rain preset with dynamic mode enabled.
– Fixed replay searching for a car that is already disconnected in Multiplayer.
– Added priority to player-related penalty messages in race communication.

Assetto Corsa Competizione – Early Access Update 7 is surprisingly out!


– Opened SRO E-Sports Series – Round 1 special event.
NOTE: This special event is controlled remotely and may be invisible for a short time after the release.
– Reintroducing Endurance game modes.
– Added Custom Race Weekend mode that allows you to completely customize a race weekend, including number of races, mandatory pit stops and time multiplier.
NOTE: Some features, such as the Superpole session will become available in the full release of the game.
– Introducing penalties for various on-track transgressions: pitlane speeding, cutting, failure to serve mandatory pitstop within the pit window.
Penalties include warnings, drive-through, stop&go and disqualification. Cutting is penalized depending on time gained. Cuts with large gains result in DQ straight away. Speeding in the pitlane may remove your fastest lap in non-race sessions, and serious speeding results in DQ straight away. Added penalty for reversing.
– Introducing pit stops with refuel, tyre change, damage repair and serving penalties.
– Introducing dynamic weather, custom weather and track status presets: the Weather page in the menu now allows you to select existing presets and enable dynamic weather for each single one of them. The preset defines the starting conditions, and also have a significant effect on what you can expect. Weather variability can range from 1 to 100%.
The Custom weather preset allows you to set each aspect of the conditions, including cloud cover, the intensity of rain and levels of track wetness and standing water.
NOTE: Selecting the Clear weather preset and high variability doesn’t mean that you can expect drastic changes over a short period. Cloudy weather on the other hand, has a much bigger probability of producing precipitation, but variability can also render conditions to improve significantly.
NOTE: The weather is designed to be dynamic over realistic periods of time. However, as it uses game-time, the player can accelerate weather transitions by using the time multiplier.
– Various improvements in cut detection and corresponding penalties.
– Fixed engine start assist sometimes failing to restart the car.
– Added input to change secondary (Racelogic device) pages. Cycles between current laptime, delta, stint time and speed). Default key is ALT+D.
– Added input to toggle wiper on and off. Uses last selected wiper speed. Default key is ALT+W.
– Replay pause: now updated on random access.
– Replay pause: now possible to use the free camera controls with the same speed as 1x speed.
– Improved management of automatic highlights priority and avoiding flood.
– Option file for replay in [Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione]/Config/replay.json
– Added possibility to reduce saved replay time in options/general.
– Fixed wheel speed with different replay playing times.
– Fixed replay focused camera for disconnected cars during random access.
– Next car/previous shortcut is now based on relative car positions.
– Improved logic for white/yellow/blue flag and optimizations for marshalls.
– Fixed fireworks/tracklight/endmode for replay.
– Permanent spotter message groups.
– Added short wait time at the start of the formation to allow enough time for manual starting procedure.

– Fixed Safety Rating (SA) decaying in both race and solo conditions.
– Improved Racecraft Rating (RC) development directly after unlocking.
– Improved Consistency Rating (CN), should now be more sensitive to inconsistencies.
– Improved Consistency Rating (CC) to be less volatile.
– Improved ingame rating widget to highlight rating value gains.
– Rating widget will now allow to unlock the highest rating Competition (CP) and remain in collapsed state then.
– Added data charts and insights for SA and RC rating Driver Profile Rating Page.
– Fixed driver category assignment in Total Rating page, added Beginner and Rookie categories.
– Due to the significant changes in RC and SA, both ratings will be reset. Progress in TR, CN and CC will remain.

– Fixed a bug in VR that caused the racing HUD to flicker and hit performance by constantly re-rendering the overlay.
– Introducing visual and mechanical damage:
Mechanical damage affects bodywork, suspension, aero and tyres.
Visual damage affects bodywork, windows, can deform body parts and also affects the functionality of headlights.
– Added dynamic windshield dirt effects that are cleaned off during pit stops.
– Added blurred brake disc visuals.
– Fix for Dash and DashPro cameras having wrong offset/rotation when using custom settings.
– Fix for wrong camera pitch after F1 cycle with lock to horizon enabled.

– First release of the new multi-page and multi-functional widget, replacing the old Standings widget.
It contains a real-time track position page, standings, pit stop strategy and car electronics. Navigation is possible with all navigation inputs, including keyboard arrows, D-Pad and mouse.
It enables the player to control all car-related inputs (TC, ABS, wiper, lights, rain light etc.) on the fly, without having to map each key to the steering wheel/button box.
NOTE: the MFD uses navigation inputs, which means input overlap may need some bindings to be remapped.
NOTE: the MFD navigation in VR is not yet functional, thank you for your patience.
– Introducing weather forecast and grip status widget: a simple widget on the HUD that alerts the player of changing weather forecast in 10 and 30-minute projections. It is also visible on the race and setup screens.
NOTE: It shows weather forecast in real-world time, which means in accelerated sessions the forecast will be translated to a time that is easier to understand for the player.
– Fixed timing issues on car dash displays.
– Additional server information on Multiplayer lobby page, including session status and dynamic weather indicator.
– HUD pages can now by cycled backwards using Shift+F2.
– Added realtime track position widget.
NOTE: it is now the default page inside the MFD in multi-car sessions.
– Weather and Track status summary now visible on the weather tile in the Single Player page.
– Added helper information for various single player pages and the new weather page.
– Added tyre pressure readout on tyre app to help users who do not use cockpit cameras monitor tyre pressure.

– Optimizations in multithreaded CPU calculations.
– Brake duct simulation. Influences brake disc heat and braking efficiency, but also rim and air temperature inside the tyre and thus pressure and general tyre temperature.
– Brake duct settings in setup aero screen for all cars. Setting 0 is a completely closed duct and can provoke brake fade very very fast, exceeding 1000°C. Never to be used in a real race, but added for simracer’s gratification. Setting 6 is completely open and can keep the brakes very cold.
The peak temperature is of course important but keep in mind that a low setting not only heats up more, but doesn’t cool down the brake in the straights, so the heat accumulates and keeps dissipating heat to the tyres.
Ideally you want your front brake HUD to show green or slight yellow at the end of your braking zone and your rear, green. Don’t judge after just 2,3 braking zones. Do a couple of laps and let the brakes do some heat/cool cycles to arrive at a balanced condition.
– Suspension damage for all cars (WIP).
– Basic aero damage for all cars (WIP).
– Optimizations to tyre flex at very low speeds, to diminish or even eliminate an FFB vibration around 50kmh.
– Added tyre pressure and potential puncture influenced by riding kerbs aggressively.
If you ride stepped kerbs with low tyre pressure (cold tyre) the tyre flex might provoke pressure loss. How much pressure loss is not easy to predict, but the lower the pressure the more pressure loss will happen. Hitting the kerbs and sliding laterally over them with low pressures can result to a tyre deflation losing all pressure instantly in less than a lap. Avoid kerbs with very cold tyres at all costs. When the tyre has adequate pressure, the risk of loss of pressure is almost null so you can attack kerbs again. Be careful when racing on slick tyres when it starts raining. The tyres will lose temperature very fast and so you must avoid kerbs until you enter for your pitstop. Any pressure over 26psi is relatively safe. The whole system is complex, brand new and we are still working on it. Thank you for your patience.
– Improved collision model, which significantly benefits car-to-ground collisions. Also brings significant improvements to car behaviour when attacking any kind of kerbs.
– Start ECU assist now has more discreet intervention because of the launch control implementation. To start, just floor it in 1st gear with clutch on and revs will be limited to 5000rpm. The less start assist should aid when trying to spin around on grass after a track exit.
– Tweaked TC logic for all cars. Permits more slippage in straight line and more angle. Can result in more oversteery cars in lower TC settings so take care when track is slippery.
– Fixed bug that could cause an event to start with tyres in ambient temperature if user clicked directly on drive.
– Wet tyre adjustments.
– Slick tyres optimum pressure range now 1-2 psi higher.

– Exterior engine volumes are now higher.
– Interior engine volumes are now higher.
– Fixed wind sound in tunnel/underpass sometimes not played properly.
– Fixed pit alarm sirens sometimes not played properly.
– Tuned exterior volume for engine reverb and reflection.
– Tuned volume attenuation curve for opponents when the player is in cockpit/chase cameras.
– New radio messages and alerts, including penalties, damage, tyre pressure warning.
– Fixed possible crash changing device for xaudio2.
– Fixed inconsistencies in ambient zone audio.
– Updated fmod to version 1.10.10.

– Fixed issue where the HUD would vanish after a session transition.
– Enabled server rating requirements, see updates in
– Added dirt and visual damage to Multiplayer.
– Improved server lobby stability.
– Enabled dynamic weather in multiplayer server configuration, see updates in
– Improved race-weekend track condition simulation in Multiplayer when dynamic weather is used.
– Safety (SA) and Racecraft (RC) ratings will change with a drastically reduced rate on password protected servers.
– Added server admin commands: /kick and /ban.

Assetto Corsa Competizione 0.6.2. – Hotfix Live!

For Oculus Rift VR device users: please insert “-vr” in your ACC Startup options via Steam. This workaround helps avoiding performance issues and stuttering.

v0.6.2 Changelog
– Fixed wrong first lap time when start-finish line is crossed before the green light.
– Fixed AI erratic speeds during formation lap.
– Added lumirank update in replay.
– Enabled detailed animations in onboard cameras.
– Added session over message for qualifying/practice.
– Improved AI pace at Monza and Nurburgring.
– Added intermediate solution to run the formation sequence in Multiplayer. Overtakes may happen, but enables controlled formation sequence.
– Fixed protocol mismatch on the rating backend, resulting in wrong data.
– Fixed SA Rating working in Multiplayer.
– Fixed RC Rating preventing data being stored in Multiplayer.
– NOTE: Due to incompabilities with the data, the Rating Profiles will be reset again.
– Fixed end-sequence in Multiplayer: spotter annoucement, checkered flags and so on will now be correctly triggered.
– Fixed formation sequence not starting when the leader is in the pits.
– Fixed rare crash in the Multiplayer server, possibly also crashing connected clients.
– Fixed races not showing time gaps in Multiplayer races.
– Fixed tyres not being correctly selected based on dynamic weather conditions along with the setup.
– Added “Official Test Server” opened for experimental features and testing. See the official support forum.
– Fixed search and password text input issues in VR.