Assetto Corsa update 0.9 released!

Assetto Corsa update 0.9 released!

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Assetto Corsa update 0.9 released!

First of all, thank you for your patience and your kind support about the delay occured with the last release of Assetto Corsa 0.9.
The unexpected issue (a random black screen occured when playing single-player races) that caused the delay of the release on May 2nd, has been finally recognized and fixed.
Meanwhile, the guys involved with the multiplayer mode took advantage of this delay to improve the netcode and the communication with the servers, focusing on the core networking systems and stripping it from most of its advanced features.

Multiplayer mode is such a feature that needs massive tests that can’t be brought to completion only by a private betatesting team. Now that the basic functions have been completed and are available for public testing, we are confident that our devteam will be able to monitor the online activities with the aim to fix unforeseen bugs and improve the online experience, as well adding all the big and small features that will make AC multiplayer a great online experience. Starting from the basics and improving step by step is part of the Early Access program.

For your consideration, please note that the multiplayer feature that will be released is still in ALPHA phase: using the support forum to report any issue you might encounter will help our devteam to improve the netcode and its related features.

Here’s following the list of features and known issues
Working Features:

– Booking system
– Pre-booked clients from server admins
– Password protected server for booking
– Password saving for different servers
– Multi class races
– Race weekend (practice,qualifying,race) with configurable duration and number of laps
– Select penalty system or not.
– Track cycling
– Loop mode
– Maximum client limit, determined by circuit pit boxes
– Clients may re-join at any session if booked.
– Dedicated server available.
– 10 public official servers

Known Issues – Please check and report unknown issues at our official support forums
– Official server are set to 15 clients and we will gradually increase the clients number with testing. Dedicated server is not limited.
– Wheels remain always connected on the ground, even if cars flies, jumps of flips
– Steering wheels angles might be exaggerated, or inverted
– Extended characters in player names, are not supported yet
– Graphical active aero animations do not work on multiplayer clients yet
– Opponents skidmarks are not visible yet
– Opponents windshield are not visible in player’s mirrors yet
– Opponents suspension movements are vertical, wheels might compenetrate cars body on some occasions
– “Multiplayer options” option from the menu does not work yet (containing voting for skip session, restart servers, kick users, chats etc)
– Switching between sessions dirt on the car doesn’t disappear
– Race session ends some seconds after the leader finishes the race

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